Dogs and baby begging for food
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25 Things To Be Thankful For

I’ve been having a bummer kind of week this week (thank whatever deity you praise it’s Friday). Perhaps it’s because Bean is learning to walk or because it seems like he’s growing at an alarming rate…or both. Perhaps I’m just tired. In any case, I decided to take a dose of my own medicine and practice what I preach day in and day out. So, without further ado, here are


1. Bean is a happy, healthy, spunky little spawn.

Smiling toddler eating in highchair

2. My full time job affords me the home we live in and all our extra goodies.

3. My career is in the field I love.

4. Lino is able to stay home with Bean each day, keeping childcare costs at a minimum and giving him an enriching environment to thrive in.

5. My job is not physically demanding (only mentally, but I like a challenge).

6. I am near my family, meaning Bean never misses out on good times with his loved ones.

7. Because Lino is a stay at home dad (for now), Bean gets extra exposure to the Spanish language of which I would not be able to provide him were the roles reversed.

8. Bean is mostly sleeping through the night, giving me a bit more energy through the day.

9. I have my health.

10. Lino is a good father and husband who pampers us (even when we don’t deserve it).

11. I get 3 days off per week to be home with my boys.

12. I have the luxury of taking a day trip to the mountains or the beach anytime I want.

13. I do not have to go without food or be hungry.

14. My employer values family, making time off for family business non-problematic.

15.  I have reliable transportation to all of my necessary engagements.

16. I am able to participate in extracurricular activities with my family, such as taking Bean to swim lessons.

17. I have a large family that can, and will, offer help in times of need.

18. I am treated to a nice home-cooked meal and relatively clean home when I get home from work (who’s home can be spotless with a toddler?! And if it is, how???)

19. Even though I have to watch Shrek 14 times a day, I get to do it with my son who is still little enough that I’m his favorite girl.

20. I live in an area where I don’t have to worry for my family’s safety.

21. I just got to hear my husband say “meaningful-er” with a straight face.

22. I get to enjoy a mom time at least once a month while Lino watches the Bean. (Usually, I go for a pedi).

23. I have very loving and entertaining doggos that love Bean and give us tons of photo ops.

24. Even though I had to give up bread for keto, I get to eat chocolate.

25. Having doggos means less worry about food getting in the floor when Bean eats.

Dogs and baby begging for food
Who wants a hot dog?

Well now, that feels better already. If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself. I have found that listing out the things you are thankful for, or that are positives in your life, is phenomenal for improving subjective well being. Even though I only listed 25, and many of them are silly, there are many things I am thankful for that are easy to take for granted if I fail to observe them. That’s why this activity is so important.

If that doesn’t do it and you need some extra inspiration, try asking yourself these questions.

What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Love your practice of finding a grateful attitude! Great post!!!

  2. All great things to be thankful and grateful – writing a list on regular basis really helps me to stay grounded with perspective on all the good things I have in my life 🙂


  3. I am grateful for my Lola, she is the best!!! #GlobalBlogging

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