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5 Tolerable Baby Shower Activities For A Coed Party

When Lino and I were getting ready to have our first son, we wanted everything to be perfect. We wanted a big baby shower with lots of family and friends present, including the men. Yet, we struggled with those very friends and family insisting that baby shower activities were for women.

So, we set out to prove them wrong. While we had ideas for invitations, food, and decorations, we struggled with ideas for games that everyone would love. It doesn’t help that I’m pretty picky and vetoed most of the traditional baby shower activities. In any case, I did some hunting and found some tolerable game and activity ideas that would blow their socks off.

Maybe you’re getting ready to have your first baby and want to throw a smashing party for all your friends and family. Or, maybe you’re having your second or third child and you’re just tired of the same old ideas. Whatever your situation, these activities are sure to be a hit at your party.

Create Your Own Building Blocks

While not everyone that attended our party was an artist or even a creative soul, every attendee had such a good time creating their own unique block for Bean’s collection. We bought a 50 pack of 2 inch wooden blocks and some colored permanent markers. Every guest had the opportunity to create at least one block, some even choosing to create multiples.

We weren’t picky about themes or content, so everyone had very different sorts of blocks. Some chose to do all letters, or numbers, or pictures, or colors…Some chose to their own combinations of all of them. What mattered was that Bean ended up with a really cool, custom, set of blocks that now have a story to tell while providing tons of fun throughout his childhood years. (Just make sure to use a sealer on them before they get some use as baby slobber and permanent marker lead to some very colorful saliva streaks).

This idea can also be transferred over to onsie’s or bibs, if you’re not into the block idea. However, for us, the blocks were just perfect as it provided more longevity of use than clothing items.

Guess the Gender

For this activity, I used a few photos from our 3D ultrasound framed with a large mat. Instead of a guest book, I had people guess the gender and sign their name in the color of their guess directly onto the mat of the frame. We chose to reveal the gender during the shower, so arriving guests had no idea what to expect.

This activity sparked so much conversation between guests as well as friendly competition. It was fun to see how excited it made everyone. It was also kind of funny to hear about how everyone “knew” the gender because of whatever wives tale they had believed.

What we ended up with was a cute framed photo of our son surrounded by all the signatures from those that love him. We can now proudly display it in our home. It also serves as a fun conversation piece for anyone who comes to visit and I totally get to tease all those friends and family that guessed wrong.

Porn or Labor?

I totally wanted to include this as one of my baby shower activities. I thought it was absolutely hilarious, but it was vetoed as some of our guests were rather sensitive. This game involves looking at snapshots of women’s faces and guessing if the women is in labor or a porno. Whoever gets the most correct, wins.

I thought this game would be a hoot and was totally interested to see if a guy would win over a girl. Only recently have I found an alternative option to use horror film shots of screaming women in place of the porn shots. However, I still think the original game would be better.

Baby Shower Bingo

This is one of the more traditional games I’ve seen, but is one I like simply because it keeps guests from getting as bored during presents. While it’s super fun for the parents-to-be to spend 45 minutes opening a mountain of gifts, I know exactly how it feels to be on the other end praying for the damned cake to be served.

In this game, guests mark off a bingo square each time that item is opened during by the parents. You can do traditional bingo allowing winners to go horizontal, vertical, or diagonal for wins or do a straight blackout. We did a few of both.

Also, when creating this game, you can let people fill in their own bingo squares or give them pre-printed cards. We went with letting others make their own for two reasons. One, it saved us time from having to create a bunch of random bingo cards. Two, we did not know all the gifts we may or may not get and did not want to put something on a card that may not show up.

Diaper Raffle

This is awesome for both the parents and guests. This is one of those baby shower activities that I don’t even consider a traditional game or activity, because you can win without really doing anything. The premise is self explanatory: every person who brings a pack of diapers gets a raffle ticket. Sometime during the party, a ticket it drawn and the lucky winner gets a prize.

The parents-to-be get a butt load of diapers (and yes, I do chuckle at my own puns) and the guest gets a sweet gift. We put our notice on the invitation and got tons of different sizes and brands to try. It was a great opportunity to find the diapers that worked best for our son.

Another great alternative for those choosing cloth diapers is to use books in lieu of diapers. You just cannot go wrong with this option.

pink baby booties stacked on top of folded clothing

Let’s face it. Baby shower activities pretty much suck. At least the more traditional ones do. Yet, out of all the sucky ones out there, we managed to find 5 baby shower activities that both genders could enjoy. (I also recommend offering some sort of alcoholic compensation for their attendance. That always helps).

If you’re planning on having a baby and want to throw a party that kicks ass, I recommend  trying some of these activities. You won’t regret it.

I’m looking for more ideas for my next baby shower (I’m crazy for wanting 3 kids, right?) What are some of the games or activities you really like? Leave them in the comments below!

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