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7 Keto Snack Ideas For Kids (Or Lazy Adults)

When Lino and I decided to go fully keto back in December 2017, everyone seemed to be worried that we would be ruining Bean by preventing him from having anything good. While it’s true Bean gets fewer carbs than the standard American, we don’t prevent him from eating carbs or even count them for him. He eats a low carb diet simply because we don’t have a lot of carbs laying around the house. When we go out to eat, he often gets treated with carbs and sweets, but at home, it’s mostly wholesome foods.

I should also mention that we buy him fruits and starchy veggies even though we don’t typically partake of them often. This means he is exposed to a variety of flavors and textures. However, the most carb rich foods are saved for outside the home. (He isn’t really keto, if you really want to split hairs, but rather, low carb).

One of the biggest complaints I hear from others when they switch to keto is the lack of snack foods that are available. This makes it especially hard for those of us with tantrum throwing, bottomless stomached, children. However, we were adamant to switch over due to reasons you can read more about here, if you’re interested. So, we got creative and came up with these keto snack options below. Bean seems to love them, and I’m not gonna lie, I totally find myself using them as my go to snacks for on the run.

Salami and Cheese

cheese and salami

Bean loves any cold cut, really, but we often go with salami or pepperoni because that’s what I eat in the morning for breakfast with a handful of nuts and cheese. Bean is a huge fan of cheese cubes and we find we often have to limit his intake a bit because he is prone to eating so much that he gets all stopped up otherwise. While colby jack seems to be his favorite, he also digs cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, and provolone.

Tortilla and Peanut Butter

spoon of peanut butter

I know, I know, neither of these things are considered low carb. However, we found these fabulous Carb Balance Wheat Tortillas (made by Mission) at the store and they’ve turned into a big hit at home. Basically we smear the tiniest amount of peanut butter (because peanut butter fingers is inevitable) on half the tortilla, close it up, and cut it into strips for him to toodle around with. No mess and he loves it.

Hard Boiled Egg

half cracked hard boiled egg

We make up several of these at a time and leave them in the fridge. Bean loves eggs, just like his father. So, he has eaten them since about 6 months old, in a variety of methods. However, hard boiled makes it easy for him to eat with less mess than a scrambled or fried egg. Just be prepared for the gas that will inevitably come out both ends.

Sprout’s Organic Curlz

So these snacks are not completely carb free, but they are relatively low in comparison to crackers and other processed foods. He could eat 14 of them in one go for 3-4 total net carbs, depending on the flavor. However, he rarely eats this many in one sitting anyway. These are great even if your little doesn’t have a lot of teeth as they dissolve fairly easily. Bean was completely content gumming them up. They resemble colorful Cheetos, in my opinion, but are mostly made out of chickpea and lentil flours. His favorite flavors are the broccoli and the sweet potato/cinnamon. The only downside is that we haven’t been able to find them in the stores here. We don’t have a Sprouts in my city, so we have to buy them from Amazon. We usually go for the 6 pack.

As for taste, they both have hints of the flavor they represent, surprisingly. They don’t have a chemical type taste nor are they overpowered. In fact, if I wasn’t so cheap, I’d be content eating them for a snack.

Sugar Free Jello

jello squares

This snack is 0 carbs, depending on the brand you buy. The only sugar free cups they offer in our store happen to be the Kool Aid brand. They are quick and easy, already in their serving size package. Bean LOVES them. I find them to be rather sweet, but I also don’t consume sweet things very often anymore.

Keto FatHead Rolls

keto fathead roll recipe

Anyone who enters the keto world quickly finds the recipe for Fathead Pizza Dough. It’s the absolute best recipe for homemade pizza dough and relatively few carbs. Well, thanks to the wonderful people at How To This And That we are able to use a modified version of this recipe to make the best sandwich bread or rolls. Not only do we use these puppies for sandwiches and burgers, but Bean likes to eat them plain, for snacks. We make a few batches of this each week and store them in the fridge. They go quickly, so we never have any waste. The best part is that they are super easy and only take about 15 minutes to bake.

This is a must try recipe if you’re on keto. It totally kicks the crap out of eating burgers bunless or protein style. They come out soft and fluffy and they have a hint of cheese flavor to them so there is no need to add cheese (unless you’re a cheese lover like me, in which case, pile it up baby).

Side note: If you want yours to come out flat like mine, make sure you flatten your dough balls before baking. Otherwise, they will be a beautiful dinner roll shape.

Dill Pickles

jars of homemade pickles

So, truthfully, I’ve always snacked on pickles anyway, even before I was keto. I absolutely abhor pickled vegetables, except for pickles. I love them. I’ll eat them all by themselves, right out of the jar, and now, Bean has been indoctrinated into loving them as well. He cut some of his first teeth on dill pickles. These are a great keto snack and super easy for Bean to eat. Though, they can get messy, so be prepared for the juice stains.

What are your go to keto snacks? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I don’t know much about the keto diet and my daughter loves carbs (bread, rice, cake) but I’ll look into it more now #iMixitUp

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