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4 Sugar Free Keto Treats To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Since I began keto, I’ve had plenty of ups and downs. Cutting back drastically on the sugar feels phenomenal…after you freaking detox off it, that is. While you’re in the middle of detoxing, it feels absolutely horrendous. You are fatigued, endlessly hangry, emotional, and suffer from headaches. (Or is that just me?) I also craved sugar like a madman. So, I went on a search for some keto friendly sweets. Turns out you can find some sugar free treats that are tasty and will keep you in keto.

Choc Zero

sugar free chocolate

Choc Zero has some delicious, sugar free chocolates that are only 1 net carb per square. I usually pack one of these puppies in my lunch for work since it’s a nice way for me to be able to enjoy sweets with everyone else. The dark chocolates come pre-packaged in single squares that are perfect for traveling (and not sharing). While my favorite is the dark chocolates, there’s also a hazelnut bark that Lino finds delightful.

While you’re there, try their maple syrup. It’s also very good on keto pancakes. I’ve tried several other brands of sugar free syrup and this one tastes the best to me. It is also thicker, more of the consistency of real syrup than some of the other brands. This brand is a win all around for our household. I get mine here.

Sugar-Free Jello

I was never a fan of jello in the past, especially after going through labor and delivery of Bean. That’s all they ever wanted to feed me while I was there. However, I have come to enjoy one of those sugar free, snack sized, cups here and there. My secret? I add a couple spoonfuls of extra creamy cool whip. It makes it about 2 net carbs per serving when I do this, but it’s low enough carb that I’m okay with this. I find the cool whip cuts the sweet a bit, making it much more palatable when you’re not used to eating so much sugar on the regular. Go for the lime. You won’t be disappointed.

Ketologie Chocolate Shake

This. Is. Amazing. Ketologie has the best chocolate protein shake I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried several). They also have a vanilla version of their shake. However, to be honest, I can’t speak for the quality of that one because I’m just so happy with the chocolate version that I’m never willing to even try the other. All you do it mix it with some water and you’re set. It’s rich, creamy, chocolate goodness. In all reality, I’m surprised at the consistency and flavor or something you mix in water. It reminds me of drinking a nice cold glass of chocolate milk.

While it’s good when made just as directed, I have found that with a little extra help, it’s phenomenal. On days when I have a few extra carbs to spare, I add a serving of Breyer’s Carb Smart Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s not the best for this lifestyle due to the ingredients of the ice cream, but sometimes you just gotta fulfill that sweet tooth. Blend the mix with a bit of water, ice, and a serving of ice cream, and you’ll be in heaven. It really does rival a real chocolate shake.

I love this shake, but there is one potential downside. Since it’s sugar free, the sweetness comes from sugar alcohols. The sugar alcohols in this can lead to serious stomach upset for some people. I found it did not impact me much in the beginning, but if consumed in large quantities, it can make me spend more time in the restroom than I would like. However, it’s super filling, so I usually share my shake with Lino anyway. Everyone wins. You can find it here.

Breyer’s Carb Smart Ice Cream

sugar free vanilla ice cream scoopThat brings me to my next treat: Breyer’s Carb Smart Vanilla Ice Cream. Anyone who’s in the keto world has probably heard of Halo Top. In fact, it’s becoming very well known even outside of the keto arena. As a low calorie ice cream, it isn’t bad. There’s certainly a ton of other brands out there who don’t even come close to being as good. However, I have found Breyer’s to be far above the rest.

The Breyer’s brand is so much more right when it comes to the consistency of true ice cream. The flavor is excellent too. While I’m not a huge ice cream fan, it’s nice to be able to have some for birthday parties or family functions and still stay in ketosis. They also make an ice cream bar dipped in chocolate for a bit more carbs per serving and we always have a box of those on hand in my house.

Let’s face it. Nobody is perfect and sugar is addicting. Sometimes you just crave sweet things, no matter how long you’ve been on keto. However, when those snack cravings come, you can still chow down on some delicious sweet treats without completely ruining your keto groove. These are a few of my favorites, but I’m sure there are more out there. If you’ve found something delicious that I should add to my list, let me know in the comments below!

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